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Abel's third birthday

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Saturday 21 May 2022 was Abel's third birthday.. already 3 years old, and I hardly saw him 5 months along those 3 years, as he joined me with Samantha in Saudi Arabia only in January. Before that, with the Covid-19, they were in Manila and I didn't had chance to see them since January 2020, when we travelled to France together,

Saturday was a long day, finishing the decoration of the room, cooking the food (mainly filipino food cooked by Samantha).

The first guest arrived around 12:45. Srdan, my line manager, who lives 50m from us, arrived first. Followed shortly after by 2 kabayan, young filipina working in neighbours house, that quickly became friends with Samantha. They came with Abel' friends, 4 young Saudi girls, aged between 4 and 12 years old, who like playing with Abel.

They often come ringing the door bell, asking Abel to join them to play, even sometime at 23:00, when we are nearly sleeping..we'll,, itwas during Ramadan, but even after Ramadan, they often play late at night in the street. We don't let Abel go that late, and only let him go an hour in the afternoon from time to time. Or his friends come to play with him in our home, or vice versa.

Later in the evening, Kuya John passed by with her wife, son and friend of them.

Abel received several gifts: lollipop, small cars, toy food truck, and his first bicycle. He still has difficulties using it, but he will learn.

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Martine RUEL
Martine RUEL
May 22, 2022

Un bel anniversaire ! C'est bien que Samantha et Abel se soient fait des amis. Bisous à tous les trois

May 23, 2022
Replying to

Oui, c'est sur. C'est important. Bien content aussi qu"Abel puisse jouer avec d'autres enfants et que Samantha puisse rencontrer des amies. Et ce sont des voisins, donc ils peuvent se voir quasiment tous les jours.

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