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Road trip in Western Saudi Arabia: day 7 & 8 - Al Ula to Ummluj and Jeddah

Tuesday 9 April, 7th day of our trip. We waited some 30 minutes to get the buggy to pick-up us from our tent to go to the restaurant for breakfast, so only had 10 minutes to take pir breakfast, as we had to be at Dadan at 8:45 for a guided visit of the site

We arrived 9:04, the visit had started, but the group was still in the reception area.

The guided tour lasted 2 hours, during which we saw 3 different places and had 2 workshops. Not that much to see, as the site is still being investigated by archaeologists, who assessed than only 7% has been surveyed. Rectangular holes in the rocks, about 2 m deep are ancient tombs, from the Lihyanites, about 2000 years ago. Dadan was their capital and their presence preceded the Nabatean.

Numerous petroglyphs are present, as writings and figures of animals ( oxes, lions, Ibex...).

At the end of the visit, we headed back to Banyan Tree to check out. It took some time, as we left the site, at nearly 13:30.

Small shopping in Al Ula town buy some snacks for the road. This is the last day if Ramadan and restaurants are still closed up to sunset.

The road to Ummluj took us about 4h30, and we arrived at The waves hotel just for sunset.

Dinner at the buffet restaurant of the hotel.

Wednesday 10th of April, 8th day of our road trip. Ramadan is finished, place to Eid and it's celebration.

After the breakfast at the Waves restaurant, we went on the beach, where Abel played in the waves and in the sand.

We checked out at 12, and drove towards Jeddah. 4:30 driving up to our next hotel in Al andalus mall hotel.

On the way, we made a quick stop in Yanbu old town,

And pass by King Abdallah Economic city, a modern city, entirely artificial between a sabkha and the sea.

We arrived in Jeddah around 6. We went out for a seafood restaurant, Alanfoshy fish.

Went back to Al Andalus mall hotel, small shopping in the mall supermarket and searched a Pharmacy to buy mosquitoes bites cream for Abel, as he got bitten the day before, while sitting outside in front of the sea at the Waves hotel after dinner.

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