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Road trip in Western Saudi Arabia: day 6 - Al 'Ula

I didn't see the Sinai Rosefinch coming close to our tent this morning, but the Hooded Wheatear came back for a couple of minutes, at about 6:30, same time as the day before, as well as White-crowned wheatear a bit later.

After the breakfast, buffet and A la carte, we left directly to Dadan visitor center, an old city built in the rock, older than the Nabatean. It also needs booking, and there were no space left for today. Luckily, there was still space for tomorrow.

We passed by an abandoned railway station, built by the Turk at the beginning of the 20th century. The railway that Lawrence d'Arabie attacked with the Saudi northern tribe.

Two old wagons were still present, and some ruins of the station, surrounded by a nicely designed plaza, named Almanshiyah plaza. However, everything was closed.

We tried to pass by the old Al 'Ula town, but it was also closed.

We then headed to Daimumah park, where a small coffee shop was open. A small walk in the park and played a large trampoline net, stretched between palm trees.

Around 14:00, we went back to rest a bit at Banyan Tree, and at 17:00, tried the swimming pool. Amazing pool, built between the rocks.

In the way back to the tent with the buggy, 2 superb males Sinai Rosefinch were foraging on the side of the track. I looked for them in the morning to take pictures, but couldn't find them.

In the evening,.we turned back to Al.'Ula old town. The southern carpark was open. From there, we had to take a buggy up to the entrance of the old city.

We choose Entrecote - Café de Paris tðo have diner. Despite the high price, no regret in the choice,.the steack Black Angus tenderloin wa excellent.

Walking along the long street bordered by renovated old building and occupied by small shop,

Back to the hotel, our wood fire was ready, as we ordered ot to be started at 9:30, but came back at 10:00.

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