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Al Soudah-start of the rainy season

A busy day today. 2 of our Nubian Ibex, kept in captivity in a pre-release enclosure inside King Abdulaziz National park gave birth in the early morning.

I went to the office for 10, and straightly to the enclosure to tag the 2 newborns. The females were quite defensive and kept threatening me and staying in front of their progeny. I had to call Ahmed, our animal keeper to assist in distracting the females whole I can catch the young and tag them.

The day was also marked by important rainfall and hails. Accumulation of hails forming ice were visible in many places along the road and in shadowed areas inside the national park. When going back home around 15:00, strong rainfall and per place, hails occurred. Lot of traffic jam in the areas where the ice was visible, might be a sign that the Asir tourist season is starting also linked to the start of Eidh vacation, next week.

This Eidh, we are going to Thailand. In the Uber driving us to Abha airport, as I am writing thus blog, my first blog ever.

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