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Malaysia day 10 - May 7: prolongation

Having missed our plane yesterday,.we had to re-book another flight. All flights to Jeddah were fully booked, only available in business on 8, otherwise next available seats were on the 10, a bit too late. Seats were available on a flight to Medina...but then difficult to find seats from Medina to Abha...will have to check again later on Saudia or Flynas.

The flight departed from Kuala Lumpur at 13:20, and landed in Al Madina at 17:40 (local time in KSA - 22:40 KL time).

I booked a room in Bosphorus hotel in town, nor far from AL masjid an Nabawi, the mosque of the prophet and where he has been burried. It took us half an hour by Uber to reach the hotel.

From the room, we booked other flights to go back to Abha.

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