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Malaysia- day 5: May 2 - lazy day in Penang

Still with jetlag, we didn't sleep before 2:30 am. Waking-up at 7:30, the weather was not inviting , grey sky, rain. Better to stay in bed. Abel, very tired, woke up at 11:30. Too late for the breakfast.

We went straight to Ferringhi Petronas petrol station, at a cross-road. Lunch at the restaurant of golden sands by Shangri-la.

The hot and humid weather makes it uncomfortable to wear beard. A saloon is open, where I can cut my hairs and shave.

.this is also a nail and beauty saloon. Samantha makes her nails and hairs, which takes a bit more than 2 hours.

The street on the way back to the hotel, from Petronas is bordered by small shops fir tourists, few small restaurants and bars. These restaurants seem to stop serving food by 8, but continue to serve drinks later.

These small shops sale summer clothes, toys, gadgets.

We take diner at The ship. There us a long queue waiting, but that goes relatively quickly.

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