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Malaysia day 7- May 4: Penang Hill and Street food

Updated: May 5, 2022

Breakfast at 10:15, just before it closes.

We take a grab to Bukit Bendera, the downhill station of the cable train. There is very long queue waiting for going up the hills. We choose to pay a bit more to take the fast lane, we waited 10 min instead of 1 and half hour.

The view from the top was impressive, over all Georgetown, the straight, and bridge up to the Malaysia mainland.

The path over the canopy is also very impressive and provides unusual view of the tropical forest. The forest sounds quiet at that time of the day (mid-afternoon) and we can mainly hear the calls of a small group of Hill Myna and the stripulations of few cicadees.

The Penang Hills are listed as Biosphere Reserve, from the MAB-UNESCO. The so-called "habitat" presents a nice nature trail, featuring the animals and plants of the forest, I clouding some endemic to Penang.

A small cart in the middle of the trail presents some naturalized spiders, scorpions, and original seeds, nice way of presenting different species.

On the way back to the Upper train station, we encountered some groups of monkeys of 2 different species.

Down from the hills, we took another grab who dropped us in presgrave street, where there are many small street restaurants, hawkers...we ate a delicious and very cheap Chinese soup and fried oyster for 23 RM all together.

We finished the day by a short visit to the nearest mall to find a pharmacy and bookstore.

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