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Malaysia day 8 - May 5: birding, swimming pool and boat trip

Late start around 7:30 to go birding on the track to Batu Ferringhi waterfall. Added a couple of new species on my life list for Malaysia.

Return to the hotel around 9:45 to take breakfast with Sam and Abel, and went back birding up to 1:30.

A cervid let its tracks on the path, where I passed by 2 hours before. Possibly Sambar (Rusa unicolor).

I joined Sam and Abel who were already at the swimming pool.

Towards 16:00, we moved to Frandy beach restaurant, immediately west of Bayview beach resort, where they serve beer, western and oriental food.

One of the waiter called his friend, who owned a boat to bring us along the coast for an hour. In 10-15 min, we reached monkey beach, a remote beach where small boats drop some tourists to spend 30 min to an hour.

Back to the coast, we stayed in the park of our hotel to look for the sunset, nice but a bit too cloudy.

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