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Road trip in Western Saudi Arabia: day 5 in Al 'Ula

Easy birding sitting in the sofa of our luxury tent from sunrise. Got one lifer: Sinai Rosefinch, 1 male , and a group of juveniles following a female, asking for food. And 2 new species foe my year list: white-crowned wheatear and Hooded Wheatear. I will try to get pictures of them tomorrow morning.

Had a look at the small desert flowers around:

Nice breakfast at the Banyan Tree restaurant.

Spent the rest of the morning relaxing, looking around.

Maraya building is quite amazing, entirely covered by mirrors, that reflect the landscape and makes it nearly invisible. Maraya hosts a fine dining restaurant, and a concert hall. All big concerts organised in Al 'Ula occur there.

In the afternoon, we headed to have a look at jebal Alfil, elephant rock.

Went to check the entrance of Hegra, in hope that some Nabatean tombs can be seen from the entrance or from the road, but no luck. It needs booking to visit Hegra, but all was fully booked up to 14,/04, so no chance to visit ot for this time. Will have to come back.

We then headed to Harrat viewpoint. A new small road climbs on the top of an narrative, that overhang the old Al 'Ula village. In the evening at sunset, the sun is just behind us, providing an amazing view of Al 'Ula valley and oasis.

We then went back down in the oasis to find a restaurant. First had a look at Daimumah restaurant, but preferred to fo to The Heart of oasis restaurant, a couple of km further south, driving through the oasis. Pleasant place, eating outside under few palm trees and the stars.

The food was simple and good, but quite expensive for what it is.

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