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Trip to Malaysia - day 1

Updated: May 2, 2022

We are finally in Abha airport ready to take off to Kuala Lumpur via Jeddah, flying Saudia. The initial plan was to travel to Thailand, spend few days in Bangkok and a week in Krabi, but fate has decided other way. Tuesday evening, while checking in in Abha airport, we were declined access to 9boarding. I didn't had applied online for the Thailand pass, required to enter the country. All other formalities, bookings, insurance, booking for PCR tests on arrival were ready, but I missed the final step, to submit it to Thai governmental health authority. I thought it was done by our hotel..

I tried to postpone the departure, the time to obtain the pass, but no other seats were available before 7th of May...

Yesterday, I spent the day searching for another possible destination, purchasing new flight tickets, booking hotels, looking between Turkey, Kenya, Georgia, Kochi in India, for which entry formalities were not too difficult and can be sorted out in few hours. Malaysia appeared as one of the only choice, with affordable flight tickets, no visa required.

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