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Water festival in Bangkok

We arrived in Bangkok on Friday afternoon, around 15:00, local time, i.e. 10:00 am in Saudi Arabia.

I only realized arriving in Bangkok, after seeing many people circulating in the streets armed with huge water gun, that we were arriving in Bangkok just at the time of the water festival, called locally songkran, which is the celebration of the Thai New year.

After a short rest in our hotel at the Radisson Blu Plaza, we went out for a drink and meal.

The first beer after few months without was particularly appreciated.

Not far from our hotel, 5 min walk, is a small well- animated street, with many bars.

A cocktail in the lobby bar, with live music before to sleep...

With jetlag, and accumulated fatigue of the trip, we woke up at 9:40..

Just the time, to go and take breakfast.

The swimming pool of the hotel on the 6th floor is a nice place to relax. Abel really enjoyed it.

We thought to go and visit the grand Palace, but it was closing at 15:30, while we got ready to move at 14:30. A bit too short. So we went to visit Wat Pho, a big Buddhist temple, just next of the Grand Palace.

After a small nap in the hotel, we enjoyed a nice fine restaurant at the Riedle wine bar and cellar. Not cheap but very good food. I really enjoyed having a big of Charcuterie and a glass of nice red wine, after few months without chance to have some, as it' s not allowed in Saudi Arabia.

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Adeline Ruel
Adeline Ruel
16 apr. 2023

Passez de bonnes vacances ! Profitez en bien ! Gros bisous.

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